Nini's Portfolios

The basis of abstraction, what the impressionists started, and the  Modern Art consecrated:  the power of the essence of reality.

Going inside the essence of the rose, really being inside, it’s like smelling, sensing, experiencing the real spiral movement from inside.  Being able to see the circle that takes you to the next spiral energy of its source from the center outward, or from the outside inward.  The energy flows accordingly, as the eyes perceive translucent circles overlapping one another.  Assimilating the petal feeling, the essence of the rose, not the Rose

My work is based in the essence of the subject I work from the inside out using iridescent mediums in layers to create an illusion of the  feeling from within.

The Seas from the soul

Blue paintings that are designed and worked from the  perspective inside the ocean. Where they are monochromatic blues.  Making you navigate from within.

The Iluminatti

Yellow presences from the Heart of all the meanings of life and forms, the angels, the cosmic hugs, the kundalini energy and the unspeakable forms of Being in true monochromatic oil light paint.

Vibrational/ sound painting

Works of areas where the strokes invokes meditation of the Divine. Traveling the Sacred Sound Current keys for conscious Evolution. Where every painting has it’s own music that manifest the true absolute feeling of sound and color.

Santa Fe Collection

As deepening into the Abiquiu desert, Ghost Ranch, the forms, color, light revealed itself in Plain air paintings.  The presence of the Earth, Wind, and Fire Spirit manifested in forms, shapes, shadows, design, smell…